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Frequently asked questions

ERRIC offers four types of profiles: 'For myself', 'For my loved ones', 'For my pets' and 'For my belongings'. Can I create all four types of profiles or doI need to choose one?
All of them, just one or two, it depends on your specific needs! You can create as many ERRIC profiles as you like, but you will only be able to create one ERRIC account. It is actually quite simple: you register your ERRIC account and then create a profile for yourself, disclosing medical information for example. You can also create a profile for your child. This comes in handy in case your son or daughter gets lost. It is convenient when one person within a household acts like the administrator of the ERRIC account and corresponding ERRIC profiles. When the administrator signs in to the ERRIC account, they will have access to all the profiles through the dashboard. The information of the account will be automatically pre-filled in the profiles. It is however possible to adapt this information manually.
My grandmother wants an ERRIC profile for herself and for her dog. but she does not have access to the internet. Is it possbile for me to create these profiles for her?
Yes. We at ERRIC want to help as many people as possible in case of emergency or loss. So go ahead and create a profile for your grandmother and provide her with the matching code. She is very lucky to have such a considerate grandchild! ;-)
Can I use one ERRIC account for my entire family?
Yes, that is absolutely possible. You can create various profiles by means of one account. In this case, the owner of the account - for example mum or dad - will act as the administrator of all the profiles. The recommended minimum age for creating a personal ERRIC account is 18 years old. For children under 18 it is required that profiles are created in their parents' ERRIC account.
Do I need to disclose all the information on my profile?
No, you do not. We will explain below the difference between an ERRIC account and an ERRIC profile:

In order to create a valid ERRIC account, you have to fill in the basic information, as it is the only way we can provide you with a strong and well-functioning platform.

Every type of ERRIC profile requires different information. For example a 'For my loved ones' profile requires you to fill in the name of the person you are creating the profile for, along with your own contact details.
Can I fill in my medical information by myself?
Yes, you can. However, we advise you to complete your medical information together with your doctor. This will improve the quality and relevance of your medical data and ensure you get efficient help in case of an emergency.
Do I need to pay a fee for my ERRIC code(s)? Are there any hidden costs?
There are no fees to be paid nor are there any hidden costs. Your ERRIC codes are completely free of charge. Everyone who has access to a computer and internet is able to register for a personal ERRIC account and can create multiple ERRIC profiles. Each profile is linked to unique codes. Your account, profiles and codes are all free of charge. Do you wish to share the information on your profile with others? Then you'll need a carrier. You can make one yourself by printing or writing down the code(s). Do you want a custom-made ERRIC carrier? Simply visit our online shop to buy one!
Is the information I share on my ERRIC account and ERRIC profile(s) stored safely? And what about the information I share on my ERRIC carriers?
Yes. The details you share are completely secure. At ERRIC, we use the most advanced security systems in order to ensure our platform remains safe for our online community.

Your account can only be accessed using a correct e-mail address and password. You are in charge of the information you share from your account onto your profile(s).

You choose which information you disclose on each profile. Consequently, you are responsible for the disclosed information. You can consult this information by clicking on the button 'VIEW/EDIT' in your list of profiles. The information you have set on visible will be accessible to anyone who enters the ERRIC code on erric.org or scans the matching chip.

All carriers are equipped with a code. Each code is unique and is made up of 8 characters. When someone enters this code on ERRIC.org or scans the chip on the carrier with the ERRIC App, he has access to the information linked to the matching profile.

You can only update an ERRIC profile while signed in to your ERRIC account. ERRIC also sends you a yearly reminder inquiring whether your information is still up to date. If your account remains inactive for a period longer than 2 years, ERRIC may suspend and/or delete your account. Please note that you are responsible for the information you choose to share with and through ERRIC. You can read more about this in our Privacy Statement.
What happens to my data?
Your data will be stored in ERRIC's secured database. The information you share with ERRIC will remain yours at all times. You, and no one else, decide what you disclose in your profile(s). Consequently, you are held responsible for the disclosed information.ERRIC explicitly dissociates itself from all commercial information platforms. We will never sell your personal data to companies or organizations.We do however collect limited anonymous statistical data in relation to the general use of our website (e.g. the number of visitors, the amount of data traffic...). This anonymous information allows us to review and improve our website.
What if I forget my password?
Sign in with your e-mail address and if you do not remember your password, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link to receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password.
What if I forget my ERRIC code?
Simply sign in to your ERRIC account to find the code on the relevant profile.
What can I do when I lose a carrier which has been linked to my ERRIC profile?
If someone finds your carrier, they can look up the information linked to your profile. If you do not want that, you have to deactivate the corresponding code. In the list of profiles, click on 'VIEW/EDIT'. Go to the 'Codes' tab, and deactivate the code.
What can I do when I want to delete my ERRIC account or ERRIC profile(s)?
You can delete your ERRIC account without any consequence, by going into your account and clicking on 'Remove account'.

Go to the list of profiles and click on 'Delete'. The profile information will be permanently deleted.
Does ERRIC translate my information automatically?
No, it doesn't. ERRIC enables you to give your information in different languages. It is up to you to provide these translations. General information such as birth date, address and contact persons will stay the same in all languages. If you have another name in another language, you can write it in the 'What should we call you' field. You can complete the medical information by adding translations. This might be useful when going abroad.
Does a person abroad see my information in their language?
Yes, they see a part of your information in their language. For example, a Spanish person will see all the titles in your profile in Spanish. This means they will be able to deduce what the information is about. And if you provide a translation of your medical information in Spanish, they will see it too. That’s why we advise you to at least provide translations of your medical information in English, if English is not your mother tongue.
Why can't my ERRIC App read the QR codes integrated in carriers like chips and tokens?
The ERRIC App is available for iOS and Android. Android users can read the integrated chips in our carriers with the help of NFC technology. Currently this technology is not implemented on iOS devices. This is why the ERRIC App for iOS contains a QR code reader instead. This way, both Android and iOS users can consult the information stored on ERRIC Cards, ERRIC Chips and ERRIC Tokens.
Can I use or download any NFC/RFID reader to scan ERRIC Chips?
No, you cannot. The only correct reader is the free ERRIC App. It is designed specifically for ERRIC to provide you with extra security measures.
You offer ERRIC carriers in your online shop. Do I need to purchase one?
No, you are certainly not obliged to purchase any of our carriers! There are no hidden costs to using ERRIC's services. An ERRIC carrier allows you to share the information on your ERRIC profile with others. You can make one yourself by writing your code on a piece of paper or sticker. In our online shop we sell a variety of useful carriers such as wristbands, watches, stickers, tokens, and electronic chips and cards. These carriers offer an easy and reliable way to share information about people, animals or belongings in case of emergency or loss. Profits will be donated to the ONEARTH Charity Foundation, an international organization that supports good causes all over the world.
Do my ERRIC codes match the codes on the ERRIC carriers that are available in the online shop?
No, they are not the same. The ERRIC carrier you purchase online has a unique code. To use the carrier correctly, you have to link its code to your profile. How? Go to your list of profiles. Click on 'VIEW/EDIT'. Go in the 'Codes' tab and click on 'Add new code'.
Can I purchase an ERRIC carrier for someone else?
Of course you can. The code on the carrier will not automatically be linked to a profile. The code has to be linked by the owner of the profile once he or she receives the carrier. This means you can buy a carrier for anyone, your brother for example. Your brother will need to link his profile to the code on the carrier. Your brother doesn't have an ERRIC profile yet? Don't worry! He can register his own ERRIC account on ERRIC.org. Once this account is activated, he can create profiles and immediately link one of them to the carrier you offered him.